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Testimonials From Our Past Clients


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Shawn Corbett

“My experience with Oteenow Employment has been one of great appreciation and gratitude. Having hit roadblocks on my own and feelings of frustration, staff at Oteenow, helped calm the uneasiness of dealing with the process of returning to school. They were so kind and I never felt judged or uncomfortable in any way. They guided me and I question if I would have been able to be as successful in my endeavours if not for Oteenow. Thank You Oteenow.”


Reg Potts

“Aba Washded. The Summer Work Experience Program (S.W.E.P.) offered by the Oteenow Employment and Training Society has made it possible to achieve meaningful employment through the summer months while out of classes. It was through the unique partnership with Oteenow that I was able to coordinate the same opportunity for eight other First Nation Post-Secondary Students from the Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation. I enjoyed the challenges as well as the benefits of this program, and would simply state that dreams are meant to be achieved.”



Jenifer Golding

“My name is Jennifer Golding and I am 21 years old. Last September I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to go to school and receive a certificate in office administration. In school I learned a lot about computer software and office etiquette. Now I have a great job working for an aircraft consulting firm as an Executive Assistant, where I put my new skills to use. Since I have attended school, my life has been changing very positively. I have a new car, I’m not falling behind in debt, and my boyfriend and I can now afford to get a house. Along with those things came a lot of confidence, and self-worth. If it wasn’t for Oteenow, I would not have had that opportunity. They have helped me reach my goals, and continue to help others reach theirs. I am very thankful that an organization like Oteenow exists and gives people who may not of otherwise have had the chance, to go to school and get educated. Thank you Oteenow!!!”



Nadine Cardinal

“Greetings all. My name is Nadine Cardinal of the Enoch Cree Nation, located just minutes west of Edmonton, Alberta. I would like to take this time to thank the Oteenow Employment & Training Society for the opportunity to pursue my career path.

“I was in that hard place with my career goal, you know the one that goes something like… “Can’t get a job ’cause I don’t have any experience. Can’t get any experience ’cause I can’t get a job. Can’t get a job ’cause…!” Well, I had office administration experience, but had no certificates or training papers to prove my abilities other than my word on my resume. I wasn’t getting anywhere professionally. With the professional assistance and financial aid I received from the Oteenow staff to obtain training, I have successfully achieved my one-year Micro-Computer/Office Professional Certificate and can now verify my abilities. In doing so, I have achieved employment right out of school in the exact profession I have trained for and am proud to say that I am still with that organization.

“Thank you!”



Alana Ross

“During the summer, I got a position with the City of Edmonton, which was funded by the Summer Work Experience Program of Oteenow Employment and Training Society. My position included organizing a career fair for National Aboriginal Day. I knew that helping the community was what I wanted to do. I connected with the Canadian Red Cross who attended our career fair and because of my summer work experience I have gained full time employment as the Red Cross’s Aboriginal Outreach Worker.”



Tammy Desjarlais

“With help from the Oteenow Employment & Training Society, I was given the opportunity to pursue my educational goal. I was prepared to learn and do my best, which helped me to stay focused, and with determination and a lot of support, I graduated from NAIT in the Business Administration/Accounting Program sponsored by the Asokan Project.

“After completing the program, I gained valuable work experience as a practicum student through Indian and Northern Affairs Canada. When I completed my practicum, I was fortunate to have been hired as a casual employee in the Information Management Unit as an Information Advisor, which I find very challenging and rewarding.”



Karl Zuefle

“Thanks to Oteenow and Capilano Driver Training for the career opportunities available to me. I have started a new career, and achieved the financial freedom I didn’t have before because of the driver training I received. Even though my first job didn’t work out, Oteenow and Capilano helped me with other jobs, and I think I am settled now. Thank you very much for the support.”