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Christopher Arcand

“There was no Hassles in my funding, everything was efficient and the workers were friendly.  My advice to others is to follow your goals and dreams.  I have a saying. ‘I will, I must, I can.’  That is everything you need to start a new career.  I had a great experience.  Thank you for everything Oteenow.”

 pic of Chris

Jeremy Hamelin

“The training I have received from the help of Oteenow and Nait have made a big difference in my life.  It has helped me start a career and see life in a different way.  More opportunities and doors keep opening up as I keep striving for success.  After the training I started work almost immediately.  I was taught a lot from the course and it helped me out substantially.  The councillors from Oteenow and the instructors at Nait were all great people and very helpful.  I have been working with the company I’ve been hired on after the program, for almost a year now.  In that time I have learned a lot about the trade and a lot of other things as well.  I met great friends and plenty of new faces from all over the world.  I have worked all over Alberta and have opportunities to work elsewhere in the country.  From the time I have started the program till now, I have kept my mind set on one thing.  And that is the future.  I highly recommend others to take advantage of what is offered and know that there is always success in your life, you just have to work for it.”

 Jeremy Hamelin