Career Fair

Career Fair

Oteenow Training & Employment Society knows that connections count. That is why, with the support of our stakeholders in Treaty 6 and Treaty 8, Oteenow hosts an annual career fair each autumn that brings together employers and potential employees in a networking environment that fosters opportunity.

Through the career fair, we empower First Nations and Inuit people by assisting them in developing the necessary skills to be able to attain meaningful employment and to provide a bridge to employers who recognize their potential and value.


This event is an excellent forum to promote your company and recruit potential employees from a diverse and largely untapped labor market.

Past Oteenow Career Fairs have seen excellent attendance from eager and engaged job seekers, providing an unmatched resource for employers to fill current and future employment needs. This event will serve as the first step to building a long-lasting relationship between your company and Oteenow Employment and Training Society.

Contact us to find out how you can take part in this exciting event!